The return of vicequestore Vanina Guarrasi

Sunday 20 June 16:00
Sunday 20 June 16:00

A new case for the protagonist of the noir book series set in Sicily

After the success of Sabbia nera, La logica della lampara and La Salita dei Saponari, Cristina Cassar Scalia is back with a new chapter of the acclaimed series about the work of vicequestore Vanina Guarrasi. Thanks to the captivating voice of one of the most compelling author of noir fiction in Italy, L’uomo del porto (Einaudi) brings us in the mesh of an intricate murder in the name of the best crime novel tradition.


Cristina Cassar Scalia

Sicilian author who achieved success especially thanks to the novels Sabbia nera (2018), La logica della lampara (2019) and La salita dei Saponari (2020), published in Italy by Einaudi, starring vicequestore Vanina Guarrasi. There is a project of tv series based on the books.


In conversation with Giuseppe Ardica, journalist, TGR RAI Sicily.

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