Italy and the Vatican: twenty centuries of forced neighbourhood

Thursday 17 June 17:00
Thursday 17 June 17:00

From the dispute between Guelphs and Ghibellines to the Counter-Reformation, from the Lateran Pacts to the Second Republic.


Rome and the Pope: a couple that, partly out of love and much by force, has been together for over two thousand years. In his book Gli italiani sotto la Chiesa. Da San Pietro a Berlusconi (la Nave di Teseo), historian Giordano Bruno Guerri approaches the subject as a layman, but with great respect for those who believe. And one by one we discover the origins of many of our events and behaviours, which one would think would be far removed from religion.


Giordano Bruno Guerri

Historian and journalist, well-known scholar of Italy in the 20th century. He is president and director of the Vittoriale degli Italiani Foundation.


In conversation with Fernando Massimo Adonia, journalist Live Sicilia e Paesi Etnei Oggi.

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