The transformation of the media

Sunday 20 June 10:00
Sunday 20 June 10:00

In collaboration with Gruppo GDS SES


Already in 2009, the Obama administration pointed out the necessity of a series of initiatives in defence of journalism as an essential instrument for the health of democracy. Today, the debate around such a theme is even more intense and central. A roundtable on the analysis and comparation of models aimed at safeguarding the sustainability of journalism and quality information, also thanks to the increasingly crucial collaboration between editorial, commercial and technological teams.



Lino Morgante, President and Editorial director Gruppo GDS SES – Gazzetta del Sud e Giornale di Sicilia

Francesco Grillo, Managing Director, Vision

Virginia Stagni, Business Development Manager & Director FT Talent Challenge, Financial Times

Virman Cusenza, Journalist and editorial consultant, Fremantle Group

Jan Piotrowski, Business Editor The Economist

Cerstin Gammelin, Sueddeutsche Zeitung

Angela Giuffrida, The Guardian

John Hooper, Italy and Vatican Correspondent, The Economist

Gavin Hewitt, Former Chief Correspondent for Europe, BBC

Hannah Lucinda Smith, Correspondent for Turkey and the Balkans, Times


Moderator: Viviana Mazza, Corriere della Sera

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