Changes in the health scenario. Forum Anthec Siocmf

Saturday 19 June 09:30
Saturday 19 June 09:30

9.00 Opening greetings – Antonella Ferrara, President and Artistic Director Taobuk Festival

Introduction to the Forum Programme – Carmen Mortellaro /Full Professor Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering Saint Camillus International University of Health and Medical Science, Responsabile Area Medica Taobuk

Chaired by Giuseppina Campisi (Un.PA) / Marco Cicciù (Un.ME) / Ugo Consolo (Un.MO) / Rosalia Leonardi (Un Ct) / Adriano Piattelli (Un.Ch –Past –President Anthec) / Sandro Rengo (Un Na-President Siocmf)


h 9:15 Lectio Magistralis The metamorphosis of care: the many faces of technological innovation and the future of regenerative medicine’.

Magnificent Rector of La Sapienza University Chiar.ma Prof.ssa Antonella Polimeni


First Session / Regenerative Medicine


9:45 “Biomorphic transformation: from mythology to the science of Biomaterials”

Anna Tampieri Centro Nazionale delle Ricerche ISTEC-CNR / President Enea Thec


10:05 “Mechanical and structural biological principles of growth factors “.

Antonio Scarano University CH / President Anthec


10:25 “Leukocyte- and platelet-rich fibrin (L-PRF) as a strategy for treating refractory lesions”

Nelson Pinto (Cile) University of the Andes Chile / Punyaarjan Foundation International Humanitarian Service Award


10:55 “Modern biotechnological approaches to reduce morbidity in oral and implant surgery”

Tiziano Testori (MI) I.R.C.C.S Galeazzi / Resp. Oral rehabilitation / Lake Como Institute – University of Michigan Professor.


11:25 “Regenerative techniques in the rehabilitation of large bone atrophy of the maxilla: the contribution of growth factors”.

Roberto Pistilli Maxillofacial surgery Hosp. San Camillo di Roma –President Sirio / President Inthema.


11:55 “From the myth of Prometheus to Scientific Research. Focus on: In vitro manipulation techniques with stem cells of dental origin and main applications’..

Marco Tatullo Bari University – Tecnologica Research Institute – Member CED -IADR


Second Session / New Technologies


Chaired by Ugo Covani (IST) / Giuseppe Lo Giudice (Un.ME) /, Marco Del Corso (Anthec) Pietro Messina ( Un.Pa )


12:15 “The Great Metamorphosis of Dentistry, between Technology and Awareness” PART I

Paolo Arosio (MI) Scientific Committee IDI evolution for research and design of advanced implant technologies


12:45 “The Great Metamorphosis of Dentistry, between Technology and Awareness” PART II

Vincenzo La Scala (PT) Research in advanced biotechnology, expert in integrated implant prosthetics with digital techniques. Skilled Trained IDI Evolution


Third  Session / The Laser                                                                                                          

Chaired by Giovanna Giuliana (Un.PA) / Sebastiano Ferlito (Un Ct) /,Giacomo Oteri ( Un.Me / Ernesto Rapisarda (Un Ct) 


14:30 “Biophysical aspects of surgical lasers as a basis for treatment choice”

Umberto Romeo University la Sapienza –Past President SILO – Vice-President Council SIPMO – Associate Member WFLD


15:00 “Biological aspects of non-surgical lasers as a basis for treatment choice”

Alessandro Del Vecchio President SILO e European Secretary WFLD, World Federation Laser Dentistry European Division.


Fourth sessions / News from Research

Chaired by Giuseppe Gallina / Francesco Inchingolo / Giovanni Bologna / Giovanni Matarese / Enrico Rescigno


Short communication (6 min)


15:30-17:00  Talk: New ideas, advancement of knowledge, application potential, controversial opinions, technology transfer, expected results

Gli Ospiti

Ugo Covani

Hotel Villa Diodoro, Sala Conferenze