Soil, heritage, rigour

Excellence and tradition: a dialogue with Ana Roš and Oscar Farinetti
domenica 24 Giugno 13:00
domenica 24 Giugno 13:00

Ana Roš has a strong bond with her land, Caporetto: her gastronomic revolution starts in the woods where at dawn she collects herbs, berries and mushrooms.

Oscar Farinetti, through the creation of Eataly, was able to tell the story of the value of the Italian agro-food industry, behind which there is culture, respect, ethics and aesthetics. A comparison of the essential value of region and tradition.

In dialogue with Fernanda Roggero, Il Sole 24 ore.

The meeting will be partially held in English.

Gli Ospiti

Ana Roš

Palazzo Calanna di Policastrello - La Baronessa

Oscar Farinetti

Palazzo Calanna di Policastrello - Ristorante La Baronessa