Architecture and literature. Narration and metamorphosis of space

Monday 21 June 19:00
Monday 21 June 19:00

Taobuk XI edition prompts a reflection on the relationship between architecture and literature, both in terms of experimentation (with the launch of the international architectural design contest Lo spazio dei libri) and in terms of theoretical in-depth analysis of the meeting points between the two disciplines. The theme provides the opportunity for a discussion around architecture and literature: both are art forms that work on the depth of memory; both recount Time and Space by expressing, in different ways, the story of man on earth – getting by in this world here and elsewhere. The panel includes a roundtable with architects, scholars and writers.



Fran Silvestre, architect and writer

Evelina Santangelo, writer

Helena Janeczek, writer

Ali Abu Ghanimeh, teacher and architect

Sara Banti, architect and journalist

Sahar Attia, teacher

Antoine Geiger e August Hijlkema, winners of the international contest The Book Space


Moderator: Giovanni Francesco Tuzzolino, architetto e docente.

Gli Ospiti

Sara Banti

Giardini della Fondazione Mazzullo