A word of justice. Dialogue between Marta Cartabia and Benedetta Tobagi

Sunday 20 June 17:00
Sunday 20 June 17:00

Scholars agree: Aeschylus’ tragedy The Eumenides, performed this year at the Greek Theatre of Siracusa, stages a turning point in civilisation. Indeed, the final verses of the Oresteia trilogy bear witness to the transition from damnation to logos, from justice as revenge to the establishment of the court. And if every crime represents a rift vis-à-vis society – that responds with punishment – the healing of that rift is always a slow and laborious walk. That is what happened to Orestes; that is what happens still today. Is the rime ripe for restorative justice in Italy? Certainly, no path towards reconciliation – neither individual nor historical – can be taken without the acknowledgement of what happened nor without “a word of justice”. Especially when we are talking about lacerating chapters of our history such as the so-called “years of lead”.


Conversation between Marta Cartabia, Italian Minister of Justice, and Benedetta Tobagi, historian.


Introduction by Elvira Terranova.

Moderator: Nicoletta Polla Mattiot.

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