The Florios and Whitaker of Sicily. Metamorphosis of an Island.

Friday 18 June 21:00
Friday 18 June 21:00

A conversation between Stefania Auci, author of L’inverno dei Florio (Editrice Nord), and Lorenzo Nigro, author of I geni di Mozia (Il Vomere), to recount the splendour and fascination of Sicily in the age of the Florios and the Whitakers, a nerve centre of economic and social prosperity, a crossroads of cultures and a place where different peoples meet, to discover history and its intersections with individual microcosms.


Stefania Auci

Writer and teacher. The first book in the Florio saga, I Leoni di Sicilia, a publishing bestseller, was an extraordinary success – more than a hundred weeks in the bestseller list, currently being translated into 32 countries.


Lorenzo Nigro

Archaeologist, he is associate professor of Archaeology and Art History of the Ancient Near East and of Phoenician-Punic Archaeology at the Sapienza University of Rome.

In conversation with Elvira Terranova, AdnKronos.

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