The courage to choose. The body as an experience of metamorphosis

Saturday 19 June 19:30
Saturday 19 June 19:30

Two stories in comparison, Susanna Tartaro with La non mamma (Einaudi) and Francesca Mannocchi with Bianco è il colore del danno (Einaudi) to tackle the theme of motherhood and illness. Two books, two intense stories, two women linked by the same courage to face life without letting society define and govern their choices.


Susanna Tartaro is the editor of Fahrenheit, the radio programme for the lovers of books and culture, broadcast on Rai Radio 3. In 2014 she opened the blog “DailyHaiku”, where she comments on what is happening in the world with a photo and a poem.


Francesca Mannocchi writes for L’Espresso and has worked for many years with numerous Italian and international newspapers and television stations. She has won various journalistic awards including the Premio Ischia, the Premio Giustolisi and the Premiolino 2016.


In conversation with Costanza Diquattro, writer.


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