The Mediterranean of Cultures

Sunday 20 June 11:00
Sunday 20 June 11:00

Constants and transformations in the materiality of Mare Nostrum.


A conversation between Paolo Giulierini, author of Stupor Mundi (Rizzoli) and Director of Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli (MANN), and Fabrizio Mollo, scholar and author of Uomini e merci tra Sicilia e Bruzio (Rubbettino), in order to discover the fascinations of the Mediterranean – place of exchanges but also hybridizations and contaminations of tangible and intangible cultures – and understand ourselves and the present scenarios.


Paolo Giulierini

Director of the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli (MANN), “Best Italian Museum” 2017 according to Artribune.


Fabrizio Mollo

Associate Professor, Mollo teaches Ancient Topography and Archaeology of Roman Provinces at the Department of Ancient and Modern Civilizations of the University of Messina.


In dialogue with Patrizia Danzè, schoolteacher and journalist.

Gli Ospiti