The American dream. What remains?

Friday 18 June 20:00
Friday 18 June 20:00

Transformations and perspectives in the social and political arrangements of the United States of America.

On the strength of an important experience that has seen him for years an authoritative commentator on overseas political events, the deputy editor of Il Post Francesco Costa, author of Una storia americana (Mondadori), contributes to creating a context around the two great protagonists of the 2020 American presidential race: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, whose traces are followed along a path, much more than individual, in the name of change.

Antonio Monda, author of Il principe del mondo (Mondadori), is part of his fictional reconstruction of New York, the “capital of the world”, the city where everything happens, the beating heart of the American century and the context of the ambitions and unscrupulousness of those who have embodied the American dream, not always under the best auspices. A conversation to discover background, perspectives and scenarios of the United States of America, yesterday and today.


Francesco Costa

Journalist and deputy editor of il Post.


Antonio Monda

A writer, he teaches at New York University and contributes to La Repubblica.


In conversation with Viviana Mazza, Corriere della Sera.


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