The metamorphosis of narration: between nonfiction, autofiction and novel.

Sunday 20 June 18:30
Sunday 20 June 18:30

Emmanuel Carrère’s literary production stands out for its originality and genre variety, from novel to biography, nonfiction to reportage, essay to short story, with a unique voice that has made him one of the most significant and innovative contemporary writers. Starting from his books, the French author will explore the transformations in his writing and examine the relationship between truth and fiction, recalling “lives other than his own”.

Emmanuel Carrère
French writer, screenwriter and filmmaker. Among his works: The Adversary, A Russian Novel, Lives Other Than My Own, Limonov, published in Italy by Adelphi. His latest book, Yoga, came out in Italy in May 2021.

In conversation with Luca Mastrantonio, Corriere della Sera.

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