The metamorphosis of emotions

Monday 21 June 16:00
Monday 21 June 16:00

With the story of Mio and Aoi, Laura Imai Messina guides us through the mesh of a narration becoming gift: the gift of marvel, charm, magic. Le vite nascoste dei colori (Einaudi), with its as imaginative as real style, illustrates the story of an encounter. The encounter between two identities and two frailties that, mingling with one another, become metamorphosis of feelings, emotions, experiences.


Laura Imai Messina

Born in Rome, Laura Imai Messina graduated in Literature at Università la Sapienza. She moved to Tokyo where she teaches Italian language. She is a contributor of several newspapers, including Tuttolibri by La Stampa and La Repubblica. She teaches at Scuola Holden in Turin.


In conversation with Francesco Musolino, journalist and writer, ideator of the reading Twitter project @Stoleggendo.


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