The voice of young poetry in Sicily

Thursday 17 June 17:00
Thursday 17 June 17:00

In collaboration with pordenonelegge


A characteristic of young Italian poetry (and by ‘young’ we mean still maturing) is that it cultivates a deep awareness of the place where it originates and speaks. Taobuk and pordenonelegge, united in a common project, are proposing to listen to some talented poets, and with them share a reflection on the “state of the art” in Sicily, with the participation of Giuseppe Condorelli and Paolo Lisi, who have long followed the poetic events – and are protagonists – in this region. At the pordenonelegge festival, in mid-September, two of these young poets will be invited to read their verses and, with the help of Condorelli and Lisi, narrate poetic Sicily. Among the many interesting voices, it has been decided to favour those who live and work on the island, with the aim of grasping more deeply the link between places and words.


Introduced by Gian Mario Villalta, writer and poet, artistic director of pordenonelegge.

Conducted by Roberto Cescon, poet and teacher, curator of the Anthology Young Italian Poetry published by Fondazione Pordenonelegge.

With the participation of Giuseppe Condorelli and Paolo Lisi.


Readings by the poets Pietro Cagni, Giuseppe Caracchia, Carola D’Andrea, Erica Donzella, Antonio Lanza, Pietro Russo, Angelo Santangelo.

Gli Ospiti

Paolo Lisi

Giardini della Fondazione Mazzullo