The age of turbulence: between crisis and transformations.

Sunday 20 June 12:00
Sunday 20 June 12:00

If foreseeing the next crisis is impossible, organising its management is necessary.

In La nuova normalità (Laterza), economist Innocenzo Cipolletta provides valuable tools to observe and understand the new global context. Sometimes, the answers of the economic, social and political systems are not suitable to counter the modern challenges. Cipolletta’s analysis is crucial and urgent in order to rethink consolidated models and roles, also in light of the historic role played by Europe in the reduction of inequalities and in the elaboration of a new approach to market systems, new technologies and democratic control.


Innocenzo Cipolletta

Economist and manager, president of UBS fiduciaria, Senior Advisor for UBS Italy Branch and president of Assonime, AIFI and Confindustria Cultura Italia. Former Confindustria director general and president of Marzotto SpA, Ferrovie dello Stato, Sole 24 Ore and Fondo Italiano d’Investimento.


In conversation with Maurizio Caserta, Università di Catania.

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