A tableau of family life through the major transformations of history

Sunday 20 June 13:00
Sunday 20 June 13:00

A new chapter in the story of the Dos Santos family: is love just a representation?

In Ovunque io sia, the Portugal depicted by Romana Petri is the backdrop for the stories of three women who, from the 1940s to nowadays, experience life in a Lisbon of poignant beauty. In the second book of the saga, Pranzi di famiglia, three brothers in search of themselves undertake a deep journey in family relations, in what is said and, especially, what is kept silent. With a strong narrative power, La rappresentazione (Mondadori), third chapter of the story of the Dos Santos family, portrays the dramatic coming and going between Italy and Portugal of paintress Albertini and her husband Vasco.


Romana Petri

Writer, translator, editor and literary critic. Her books have been translated in France, Spain, Serbia, the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, England and the United States. Among her works, Ovunque io sia (2008), Le serenate del Ciclone (2015), Pranzi di famiglia (2019), Figlio del lupo (2020).


In conversation with Bruno Ruffolo, Rai Radio 1.

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