A metamorphosis named Giovanni Falcone.

Monday 21 June 12:00
Monday 21 June 12:00

Stories and revolutions of a man of law


Giovanni Falcone (Treccani) reveals the significance of a jurist of values rooted in the world of law. Retracing Falcone’s development, as a student and specialist in administrative law first, and as a judge later, Gaetano Armao pieces together stories, revolutions and metamorphosis of a balanced man, attentive to the concept of “proof”, who lived his life under the banner of law and justice values.



Gaetano Armao, Vice President and Councillor to the Economy, Sicilian Regional Government

Maria Immordino, Councillor to the Council of Administative Justice, Sicilian Regional Government

Anna Maria Bernini, Member of the Italian Senate of the Republic, University of Bologna


Moderator: Marco Romano, Giornale di Sicilia

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