Happiness is a tomato sauce

Innovating by returning to Sicily
lunedì 25 Giugno 19:00
lunedì 25 Giugno 19:00

Preparing a dish is an invitation to travel and life. Savouring it is a pleasure that grasps the senses and soul. Chef Roberto Toro has decided to invest in the colors and flavors of his incredible island by offering in this book the native and fine ingredients that invite to conviviality.

Fernanda Roggero, Il Sole 24 ore, dialogues with him.

Marionettistica fratelli Napoli will perform. It is a company founded in Catania in 1921 by Gaetano Napoli and that today, at its fourth generation without interruption, represents the most significant reality of the traditional Catania type theater of puppets.

Gli Ospiti